Corn Roaster

Corn Roaster

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Technically it’s a steamer! We call it roasted corn because it’s cooked in the husk just like roasted corn. Roasted corn is a very good and easy addition to your concession business. Roasted corn is very profitable and super easy with our corn cooker! At some shows, we set up a second stand and sell roasted corn and sweet tea. At other shows, we sell roasted corn out of the lemonade stand. The ultimate corn cooker is the easiest corn cooker on the market. Please don’t spend thousands of dollars on a corn roaster!

It’s easy as 1,2,3

1- Add two gallons of water

2-Light the burner

3-Add up to 150 ears of corn

4- Check back in 1 hour ….Best Corn Ever!! Guaranteed!

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These videos are of our old style cooker. Our new cooker is the same but better. Basically, the same product with a new 1/4″ thick aluminum NSF approved cooker that will never rust and last for ever.

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