Lemon Smasher

The 2017 Smasher is here!


$449.00 Free Shipping

Introducing our ALL NEW, Commercial Grade 2017 Squeezers Smasher with Joystick air valve and a solid Sharks Tooth Puck (no hole in the middle)! Made with the same, high-quality materials as our older models, this all new design will set you apart from others in the business! Our sleek new look includes a rounded base and top plate with the Squeezers name engraved right in it so you know you have our high-quality product, not a copycat version.  You’ll be amazed at how our unique appearance, action and sound instantly draws attention anywhere you use it!

Each Squeezers smasher is powder coated and made of solid aluminum with a one-of-a-kind, custom built commercial stainless steal cylinder with the rod/shaft extendedWhat this means is when the smasher comes all the way up there is still 5 1/2 inches of rod out of the smasher! This is the life of our units! Other units don’t have this feature. Lemon juice is very acidic and if the lemon juice is constantly going back up into the cylinder the seals will start to leak in a very short time and cause the cylinder to fail. A failed cylinder could possibly cause you to lose thousands of dollars at a busy event! Each also comes with a front splash guard and a round lexan splash shield on the shaft. This unique design ensures your cup in always in the correct position (very important!). Our smashers have proven to last! Don’t be fooled by imitation juicers.


What makes our smasher the best on the market:

American Made Commercial Grade Cylinder (not reconditioned or china made)
Custom made 5 1/2 inch rod extension (no lemon juice gets on our rod)
Internal wipers and bumpers (internal cylinder parts for longer life)
Oversized Splash Guard (no splash passes our splash guard)
Commercial Joystick Valve (no spring to wear out or stick over time)
Inline adjustable Speed Control (control the speed of the downward stroke)
SharksTooth Puck Without Bottom Hole (better zest and easy to clean)
Loose Mount Front Splash Guard
Clear Plastic Guard On Bottom To Protect Smasher 
(sugar and lemon juice is like sand paper)
8×10 Inch Base For Better Stability (water jet cut for professional appearance)
Powder Coated Chrome (heath department Likes the clean look)
1 Full Year Warranty
Most Knowledgeable Support 
(always a phone call away)

Each smasher comes with a 1 year warranty.

We also have the Foot Pedal for $479


$479.00 Free Shipping


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