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Smasher/Shaker Combo - DISCONTINUED




Although it is a loved product, The Squeezers Smasher/Shaker Combo has been discontinued. We still have the Smasher and Shaker available as separate units. After much field testing, we like the option of having them separated because it allows you the flexibility to move the units around so you can place them at whatever location best suits your set-up.

Check out the ALL NEW Commercial Grade

2017 Smasher and matching Shaker!!


This CHROME combo unit is a must have! The action of the smasher and shaker is guaranteed to get everyone over to your stand! This is our same smasher combined with our air shaker. We know what kind of attention our smashers have drawn over the years. The shaker may draw even more attention than the smasher. The smasher has our new "JOYSTICK VALVE with Shark Tooth Puck" and the shaker has an updated softer push button valve. The shaker is designed in a way that the cup will actually bounce , thus creating a very effective shake without shaking the whole table. The cylinder on the shaker will use very little air. One air line will hook to the smasher/shaker combo. Add a T-line and run two smasher/shaker combos off one compressor or C02 bottle. Buy two and we'll throw in a free T-Line!








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