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2017 Shaker



$349.00   Free Shipping

ALL NEW for 2017! Designed to match our 2017 Lemon Smasher with a new rounded base and top plate with Squeezers engraved in it so you know you have a quality product! Our Squeezers air shaker was designed to mimic the shaking action we use when preparing our lemonade. This allows you to make as many lemonades, and as much money as you can without killing your wrists and elbows! Many hours went into perfecting this awesome product. The spring action bottom will give you a fast and effective way to shake thousands of lemonades. Each Air Shaker comes with an included T-line so you can run the smasher and shaker off one air line. Plus, It’s also an awesome addition to your stand ! Remember “IT’S All ABOUT THE SHOW! ”When paired with our Lemon Smasher, you’ll draw even more customers to you! This is the same shaker that was part of our smasher/shaker combo except it's with its own stand. This is designed to be added to any of our current or previous smasher units.




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