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CO2 Regulator

CO2 Regulator

CO2 Regulator with 10' Hose



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This is how this works! When you purchase a CO2 regulator from us you will then have to buy or rent a 20lbs. CO2 tank. You can  get them locally at a welding supply store (example Airgas INC.) Sometimes it's easier to rent the bottle locally and get it filled as needed as opposed to purchacing one  (It's kinda like a helium bottle for birthday parties). Once you have your regulator and CO2 tank you will be able to hook the hose coming from the regulator to the smasher or T-Line ( if using two smashers). A 20lbs. CO2 tank will give you enough air to make over 1000 lemonades. The pro's of using CO2 is that you will not need a compressor or electricty. Most shows charge for electricty hook ups. The con's is that you will have to get your bottle filled between shows. You may want both a compressor and a CO2 setup. They both will give you same performance.If you want to purchase a CO2 bottle you can check the price locally or google ..."20lbs. CO2 bottle." After you own it you can have it filled when needed. It may be a good idea to have two bottles. This way you can completely empty one bottle and then switch over to the other bottle.





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