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The 2017 Line is HERE!!

Our 2017 line of equipment is now available! Each commercial grade unit is made of top quality aluminum with chrome powder coating to ensure durability and a clean look. We changed our design so each has a smooth, rounded base and the Squeezers name engraved in it so you can be confident that you have a quality product, not a copycat version.

Here at LemonadeBusiness.com we have the coolest commercial equipment and a proven plan to guarantee everyone with a great chance for success!! Heck, people all over the “World” have proven that!

We have smashers, shakers, wedgers with stands, flags, banners, CO2 regulators, foot pedals, a start up guide, compressors, portable stands, concession sinks and a TON” of knowledge! I don’t know which is more important the equipment or the knowledge. Good thing we have BOTH! And, we can teach you!

Let’s take a look at some of our stuff! Purchase all of our equipment in our online store!



Start -Up Guide

The Lemonade Business Plan we offer is by far the best tool you can utilize to get started and actually succeed in the lemonade business. This guide is full of all the information you need to start, run, and profit in your business!

Here’s what you get:

  • Understanding health department regulations (Every health department in every state is different)

  • A full list of equipment and materials you need AND where you can purchase those items. Direct links to suppliers of everything from air compressors to beverage dispensers

  • The most effective ways to purchase supplies (fruit, sugar, ice, etc)

  • Our tried-and-true recipes for regular, strawberry and sugar-free

  • How to set-up and prepare for events

  • How to generate sales momentum early in the day

  • How to maintain a consistent, quality product for the duration of the event

  • How to get into the best events AND which ones to avoid

  • Day-to-day tips learned from our experiences



The 2017 Squeezers Lemon Smashersmasher-front-bright-2

Introducing our ALL NEW, Commercial Grade 2017 Squeezers Smasher with Joystick air valve and a solid Sharks Tooth Puck (no hole in the middle)! Made with the same, high quality materials as our older models, this all new design will set you apart from others in the business! Our sleek new look includes a rounded base and top plate with the Squeezers name engraved right in it so you know you have our high quality product, not a copycat version. You’ll be amazed at how our unique appearance, action and sound instantly draws attention anywhere you use it!

Each Squeezers smasher is powder coated and made of solid aluminum with a one-of-a-kind, custom built commercial stainless steal cylinder with the rod/shaft extended. What this means is when the smasher comes all the way up there is still 5 1/2 inches of rod out of the smasher! This is the life of our units! Other units don’t have this feature. Lemon juice is very acidic and if the lemon juice is constantly going back up into the cylinder the seals will start to leak in a very short time and cause the cylinder to fail. A failed cylinder could possibly cause you to lose thousands of dollars at a busy event! Each also comes with a front splash guard and a round lexan splash shield on the shaft. This unique design ensures your cup in always in the correct position (very important!). Our smashers have proven to last! Don’t be fooled by imitation juicers.



The 2017 Squeezers Air Shaker shaker-front-2

 ALL NEW for 2017! Designed to match our 2017 Lemon Smasher with a new rounded base and top plate with Squeezers engraved in it so you know you have a quality product! Our Squeezers air shaker was designed to mimic the shaking action we use when preparing our lemonade. This allows you to make as many lemonades, and as much money as you can without killing your wrists and elbows! Many hours went into perfecting this awesome product. The spring action bottom will give you a fast and effective way to shake thousands of lemonades. Each Air Shaker comes with an included T-line so you can run the smasher and shaker off one air line. Plus, It’s also an awesome addition to your stand! Remember “IT’S All ABOUT THE SHOW! ”  When paired with our Lemon Smasher, you’ll draw even more customers to you! This is the same shaker that was part of our smasher/shaker combo except it’s with its own stand. This is designed to be added to any of our current or previous smasher units.





The 2017 Lemon Wedger with Standwedger-close-front

This is a complete wedger with stand! This unit allows you to wedge your lemon in front of the customer! They love that!

We separate the wedger and smasher because sometimes you may need to have the wedger somewhere other than up front with the smasher. We have been so busy before where a person was in the back of the stand doing nothing but wedging lemons. Keeping the wedger and smasher separate is a good option to have!


– Wedger and Stand comes together

– Protective Clear Guard on base to protect powder coating

– Chrome clean look

– All Aluminum

– Wide 12×18 inch base for stability

– Matches our 2017 Commercial Grade Lemon Smasher





Portable Lemonade Concession Standpic 2

We’re proud of this adorable compact stand that anyone can use! It is completely portable, easy to set-up and breakdown, sturdy, attractive and it will hold all of the supplies you need to run a successful lemonade stand!

 This stand is designed to be a convenient one-person operation. It can be easily transported in the back of a pickup or a small trailer. The compact design is extremely sturdy, yet lightweight so anyone, yes, even you, can use it! The stand has blow-molded shelves that lock into the steel frame making it secure and sturdy for operation. An awesome feature is the waterproof, drop-in ice chest which conveniently stores your ice below your serving counter but still right in front of you for easy use! The L-shaped layout means all of your equipment and supplies are always within arms-reach! Finally, this stand comes complete with our custom graphics making a clean, very professional look that is an attention grabber for sure!! At the end of the show, simply remove the shelves, fold the frame and pack it all in the rolling case! Bada bing, bada boom…another show in the books (and perhaps the easiest one yet)! Custom graphics and colors available.





Custom Flags and Banners

Be sure to check out all our professionally designed banners. We have several different designs and sizes. Again, our goal is to give you the tools to make you look like you have doing this for years. People will think your a high dollar franchise. Trust Me! We get asked that same question all the time.






We have two different ways to run your smashers and shaker. One is with our small and super quiet compressors. The second is with CO2 gas. Our compressors are built to handle the long shows. The best thing about them is they are super quiet! With our compressors you will have an unlimited amount of air, but you will need electricity.






CO2 Regulators

Lets get some serious portability going on! With this CO2 regulator you will get over 1000 lemonades. You will purchase or rent a 20lbs. CO2 bottle and hook the regulator to the bottle and then hook the hose to your smasher,shaker or both. Each regulator comes with a ten foot hose and quick connect. With the CO2 regulator you will not need electricity.








This is what we call the T-Line. This allows you to split your airline coming from your compressor or CO2 tank. This way you can run two smashers,two smasher and two shakers or two smasher shaker combos. The T-line is free with the purchase of two smashers or two smasher shaker combos.






smasher01Fruit Drink Set Ups

We created some different fruit drink set ups for anyone who doesn’t want to do just lemonade. Me personally, I have both type setups so I can do lemonade or fruit drinks just by changing banners and splash guards. Basically, the fruit drinks are the same recipe as our fruit flavored lemonades…just called something different. Some costumers set up the fruit drink stand and hang Fresh Squeezed Lemonade signs up. Now they have both businesses combined into one. Sometimes these setups can get you into a show that already has a lemonade vendor.





ConcessionTentBugScreenConcession Tent Screen

This is a four sided concession tent bug screen. This is a heavy duty screen that will fit a 10×10 instant tent. The screen has six velcro serving windows. Some health departments require this. This screen can be a lifesaver when the honey bees are swarming!






Snow Cone/Shaved Ice Flavor Stationflavor-station1

Exclusively ours! The UMix It Flavor Station lets the kids add their own flavors to their snow cones or shaved ice! Each flavor station holds 6 flavors and has 12 spigots so the flavor station doesn’t back up! This is such a time-saving addition to your snow cone/shaved ice concession business because all you do is fill the cup with ice and hand it to your customer and they add their own flavorings! THEY LOVE IT!! And the best part…our flavor station works just as well as others you’ve seen on the market but it costs HALF THE PRICE! What a deal!






Corn Roaster

Technically its a steamer! We call it roasted corn because it’s cooked in the husk just like roasted corn. Roasted corn is a very good and easy additive to your concession business. Roasted corn is very profitable and super easy with our corn cooker!

Check out www.ultimatecorncooker.com






Concession Sinkssink

The concession sink or portable sink is the one item that can be the most confusing part of starting a concession business. We understand! We have a complete separate website dedicated to make this problem go away. We have all types and sizes of concession sinks to meet your specific needs.

Check out www.concessionsinks.com





Sign Waving Mannequins

I know…that is just creepy! But they work and will draw more attention to your stand than you could ever imagine. This is a little side business we started after we built us one for our lemonade stand and we’re blown away with the results. You would have thought we had a celebrity at our stand. Now…. she goes wherever we go! Put a custom sign in her hands and you will be the hit off the show!

Check out thesignwaver.com

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