Need information on Starting a Lemonade Stand Business?
It’s not that difficult, whether it’s for an adult or kids.

Starting A Lemonade Stand or Cart Business

Citrus fruits are a favorite in the refreshment drink industry. They satisfy people’s thirst with a sweet or sugar free taste. You can operate your lemonade cart on a street corner. Make big profits at festivals with many customers.

These are some guidelines to think about before starting with a lemonade stand or cart business:

Watch our videos for more tips. Figure out how much it will cost to make your lemonade for a lot of people. Our lemonade calculator will help calculate the costs.

Make a lemonade stand. You can use a cart or use a portable tent and some tables. Using Large Banners will attract more customers to your booth.

Get a portable concession sink that will make the health department happy.

Location, location, location. Don’t be near a competing drink vendor (unless you want to make them feel bad because you’re getting the most business). The best places are where the people are, like the entrance or exit to the festival.

Keep your customers happy. Smile and be nice to people that are your customers. Serve them with a delicious drink with a satisfying flavor. Use a lemon shake up recipe they will brag about.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Starting a Lemonade Cart Business.