Starting a snow cone business

This is a small article about how we sell snow cones with our lemonade business. We have found that selling snow cones can sometimes be very profitable. When you have your lemonade stand up and running it is easy to add snow cones because you already have the ice. Basically all you have to add in order to sell snow cones is a snow cone machine, flavors, cups and spoons. We typically only have about 6-7 different flavors. We try to have a rainbow of colors. We also have found a great cup called a flower cup. 00329201004031052428285

These cups are colorful and make the snow cone appear larger than than a typical Styrofoam cup. We use the 8 oz. size. We usually sell them for $3.00-$4.00 per cup. What we have found is that kids like snow cones better than shaved ice. I guess its just in the name? We also have found that when we do shows our sales depend on how many shaved ice/snow cone stands are present. The snow cone business has never done as well as our lemonade business but sometimes it does really well.

The beauty with the snow cones is that the flavors have a shelf life so they can go from show to show. The only risk is the ice and that you already have for the lemonade. So, in conclusion the Snow cone addition to your lemonade stand is a safe bet and can make some great money. Jeff

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