Concession Trailers For Sale

Concession Trailers…..
A concession trailer is the first thing people think of when getting into the concession business.We need a concession trailer!” Not the case! It has been my experience that you will make more money out of a tent or a stand. I know this because I have had three concession trailers. (I guess I’m a slow learner) I started under a tent and then built my first concession trailer (see video). I learned it was to small so I sold it and went back to a tent setup.

Then I decided I would build another one playhouse-concessions-tampa-bay-florida-21507319(It was adorable, huh?)

Then one winter I found another one on Craigslist at a price I couldn’t pass up. I installed one of our concession sinks in it and dressed it up with banners  (See Video) I used it one time then sold it. Again, I’m a slow learner! I repeat… you will make more money out of a tent.” I think is because people are more comfortable walking up to someone that is eye level. They can see everything you are doing. People don’t like walking up to someone sticking their head out a window. This is just my theory!  A tent setup can be a little more trouble to set up but its nice to have a 100 square feet of working space. The only reason I could see having a concession trailer over a tent is maybe for elderly people. Many festivals won’t allow trailers.

  Gotta love the homemade concession trailers”small-home-made-concession-trailer-3998-corpus-christi-texsa-21657755

      (do worry you will see them when you start doing events).


Pros and Cons of a concession trailer:


  • Indoors (out of the elements)

  • No setting up a tent and banners

  • I think that is all the pro’s?


  • Expensive (you can spend as much $$$$ as you want on a concession trailer)

  • Heavy to transport (gas killers)

  • Tag,insurance,upkeep,storage (tires,lights,brakes,wiring and eventually they all leak)

  • No operating room (about 18″ between counter tops if your lucky)

  • Limited events (no trailers allowed)

  • Limited to trailer spots at shows (try getting into the “kid zone” of a show with a trailer)

  • Usually have to rent two or more spots because its over 10 feet long (don’t forget about the tongue on the front)

  • Cleaning walls, floors, ceilings ,exterior, ect… (Ever heard the term “ROACH COACH”)

  • Leveling (nothing like working in an un-level concession trailer all weekend)

  • Getting into your spot (hopefully you get there early enough that you can get into the small spot they reserved you. Not to mention you will have to wait for “maw maw” that is selling shoe laces to leave so you can get your vehicle in to hook up so you can leave)

Get yourself a tent and some of our professional banners.






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