When we found out about the GMC Syclone Ultra Quiet, Oil Free Air compressors, we knew we had to have one. It is so quiet!
Watch the manufacturer’s video demo:

Now, watch OUR video demo:

The downside of the previous model, 4610, was the size and weight (over 60 pounds). Well, the makers of the GMC Syclone have addressed those issues and made the perfect air compressor for your lemonade business! Introducing the 1650A (1/2 HP), 1675A (3/4 HP) and 1610A (1 HP) compressors.

They are smaller because they use a smaller air tank (1.6 gallons is more than you need to smash lemons or power a nail gun),
and lighter because they are made of aluminum (weigh 35 pounds or less).

We are recommending the model 1675A. Why?

For just $5 more than the 1650A model, you are getting:

  • 50% more horsepower than the 1650A
  • 35% more CFM (air flow measured in cubic feet per minute. This is good if you are using 2 smashers)
  • 77% of the fill time of the 1650A (tank fills faster, compressor runs less)

Check out the comparison chart:
gmc syclone 1610A 1650A 1675A air compressor

The choices are all good:

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