How to build a Lemonade Stand

Now we want you to look beyond the lemonade stand you had when you were a kid! With our awesome lemonade equipment and professional banners, you will be a lemonade stand that only a kid could dream of! I remember a guy telling me years ago that had been in the concession business longer than I’ve been alive that  “you always want to look like you know what your doing even if you don’t. People are attracted to that.” He was right! It’s a really good feeling when you get all your fancy equipment set up and you look like a $30,000 franchise! That’s the goal! You have to realize that a “BOY DOG” setup with all the bells and whistles isn’t really going to break the bank! If you decide to get into this business you will see people that have invested so much money that they will never get it back. I see it all the time. For me, my biggest fans are the other vendors!

Basically, you will need a tent, tables, coolers, compressor or CO2 tank and regulator, smashers and shakers, banners, dispensers, maybe a sink and trailer. That’s not a lot when you think about the amount of money you can make! This concession business isn’t a joke! I personally have made more money faster selling lemonade than anything I have ever done. And, I have tried a lot of things over my life. I tell people if I knew of any other concession business that was better I would be doing it!

I have a video and some pictures of a couple of lemonade carts I built to use instead of tables. It’s something that you may want to try but fold out tables and leg extensions (see leg extensions video) is just as good and a lot less bulky.

Lemonade Carts

  • These carts are not heavy. Each one in this set up is 5 feet wide. They bolt together to form a nice 10-foot wide presentation of your stand.

  • They are light-weight and also provide storage for your items. Each cart has a set of wheels to help move them around.

  • They also provide stability to your tent by allowing you to tie the front of the tent to the carts.