“The Best Concession Business On The Planet!”


A Lemonade Business is traditionally the first business of any young entrepreneur. And for good reason– it can be very profitable…especially with the right equipment and business plan.

Our Squeezers Lemonade Juicer is the cutting edge of the lemonade business. No more boring juicers.  The Smasher does all the work for you in just a matter of seconds. And the “show” it puts on instantly draws a crowd, even at the smallest festival.

People just have to have YOUR lemonade!

Ready To Learn More…

The Concept…

Our concept is simple: provide a fresh and delicious product using high-quality ingredients in a festive, upbeat manner. We squeeze our lemons and make our lemon shake ups right in front of our customers so they know they are getting a fresh, homemade treat! The sight and sound of the Lemon Smasher along with the shaking action creates quite a show, even at the smallest event. People are instantly drawn to your set-up, the sight of a refreshing shake-up, and the appetizing aroma of fresh squeezed lemons entices even the most skeptical customer to try a glass!


We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard “I saw that glass of lemonade and it looked so delicious, I had to find out where to get one.” Most often, after one taste of our tried-and-true recipe (also available in sugar free) customers refer people to us over all the other concessions selling lemonade, even those selling their version of afresh squeezed product! Yes, it’s that good.

But how do you have a successful set up? It starts with the Right Equipment…

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