We’ve heard this concern from prospective lemonade vendors, existing lemonade vendors, and we’ve had the same problem: “We can’t get into some established shows because they already have a lemonade vendor.”

A lot of the products we offer are a result of challenges we’ve had or just from a desire to make things better for us and our customers.

There were some festivals that we wanted to get into, but couldn’t because there was already a lemonade vendor. We came up with the idea of using our lemonade premix recipe, but substitute orange slices for lemon slices (you could also use limes if you want). Then we add various fresh fruit purees and have custom fruit chillers.

We still use our Smasher as part of the show, and our secret recipe for our lemonade premix, but we added new banners and a new splash guard, got some inexpensive tie-dyed t-shirts printed, and called ourselves, The Alabama Smasher!

To make it simple we are doing the same thing as a strawberry lemonade,pineapple lemonade,raspberry lemonade,ect…   “We are just calling it something different.”  

We also have the all new CITRUS SENSATION set up.

Citrus Sensations will be done the same way as the Smasher Fruit Chillers. Same premix with different pureed fruits added. Come up with some unique drink names and your sure to “Knock It Out The Park!”