Setting Up A Fundraiser


Take your fundraising efforts to new heights!

Fundraisers are a central part of many organizations. In several cases, the success of a fundraiser directly impacts the extent of an organization’s day-to-day operations. Therefore, it is important that a fundraiser is successful in meeting the monetary goals of that organization. The solution:

Lemonade Fundraiser

Rather than just relying on the usual bake sale or car wash, you can supplement your fundraiser by serving freshly squeezed lemonade shake-ups! People love this refreshing treat and they also love watching the “show” you put on while making the beverage right in front of their eyes using the  Smasher! It is an instant draw and a definite crowd pleaser!

Instead of partnering up with a food vendor just to settle for a fraction of the sales as a donation, why not own a “Smasher” and collect 100 % of the sales in your own Lemonade Fundraiser? The cost of your ingredients is low and waste is minimal if any. Pair that with low or even free overhead (2 people can easily handle an event) and your profits will be greater than any other concession item we have researched!

Purchase our Smasher, get the free Lemonade Business Start-Up Guide and “shake-up” your next fundraiser!

Setting Up A Fundraiser